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Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes, also called diabetes mellitus, refers to a group of metabolic diseases in which the sufferer has high blood glucose either due to inadequate insulin production or inability of the cells in the body to respond to insulin properly or both. People who have high blood sugar will often experience frequent urination and will become … Continue reading

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Significance of Vitamins for the Overall Health of Older Adults

Vitamins are organic chemical compounds from which organisms get their food. What’s special about such compounds is the body of the organisms can produce them. However, the production is not adequate enough for normal metabolism. Therefore, they have to obtain extra amounts through food. If the body doesn’t get sufficient amounts of vitamins, it may … Continue reading

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Long-term Elderly Care: Which is the best option?

When loved ones get older, it becomes more difficult to tend to them. For most families who experience hard times giving the best care to their elderly loved ones themselves, there many available senior housing options you can share to them. Independent Living Community Seniors who live in an independent living community are those who … Continue reading

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Health Problems every Elder should be Aware Of

Among the care beneficiaries of Bella Care Home, at least eighty percent of them are suffering from these common health issues among the elderly. Heart Disease Heart-related illnesses remain to be the number one killer among adults aging sixty-five years old and above. In 2014, Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed almost 500, … Continue reading

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What Makes a Caregiver Good in Care Giving?

Being an assisted living facility in Clovis California, Bella Care Home has been recruiting a number of caregivers and professional health care staffs to give assistance to our residents who have decided to retire. So as to maintain the level of comfort of our clients and the name we have put up for ourselves, we … Continue reading

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5 Light Exercises that are Ideal for Seniors

Bella Care Home, an assisted living facility in Clovis California, cannot stress enough the importance of exercise. Just like having a good rest, our body needs to be able to move as frequently as possible. Why? It is because our body is structured and made for moving around. Allow us to ask this age old … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting Health in the Elderly

You should know these: – People living alone have more health issues than those living with others. – Ageing do not only lead to physical changes but also one’s emotional and social well-being. – Emotional and social changes can aggravate health problems in the elderly. These changes in the lifestyle of senior citizens make it … Continue reading

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Understanding Elderly Thoughts

Reminiscing the past, Like it was just yesterday, Wishing happy memories last, To bring loneliness away. Do you know that these are the thoughts running inside your parents’ minds? They did not wish to become limited, and they never wanted to be inutile. The changes in their body is a natural phenomenon- you can only … Continue reading

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Recreation activities that will surely make the elderly have fun

It might seem boring for most of the elderly population especially that they are aging and cannot engage in activities that they used to do in their youth. This might also pose as a cause for a senior citizen’s sudden feelings of irritability and depression. If your elderly loved one is staying at a home … Continue reading

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Top 4 types of food that can make the elderly stay youthful and healthy

Do you have your parents or grandparents who have picky-eating issues? Some people may serve the elderly with the same types of food the younger adults eat. However, the elderly has different needs as they are aging. A balanced diet is essential for them to help prevent further complications and health conditions. Here are some … Continue reading

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